MacStadium and Anka for iOS CI and DevOps

Combine MacStadium infrastructure with Anka virtualization to manage your CI pipeline

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Anka is a powerful and easy virtualization engine for continuous integration on macOS. Learn more at

  • Simple setup with Jenkins, TeamCity, Buildkite and GitLab CI integrations
  • Well-documented APIs and CLI for total automation
  • Lightweight macOS VMs act almost like containers
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MacStadium is the best choice for scalable, hosted Mac infrastructure to run your builds.

  • Fully-hosted Mac mini and Mac Pro hardware
  • Infinite scalability in top-tier data centers
  • ISO 27001 security with dedicated firewalls

The MacStadium/Anka Cloud

When you combine Anka with MacStadium, setting up, maintaining and scaling your CI pipeline is incredibly simple.

  • Stop managing Macs on premise
  • Start running true CI on every build
  • Instant-on provisioning and free trials
  • Available now in private beta

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