Hosted Mac Private Cloud Solutions

MacStadium's Mac private clouds are powered by VMware and run on dedicated Mac Pro hardware. Private clouds enable quick deployment and easy scale-up of VMs of any OS, on demand.

What makes a private cloud different?

With a hosted Mac private cloud you have everything you need for true automation. Use VMware APIs to dynamically provision macOS VMs, pool resources to get the most out of your physical infrastructure, and gain efficiency by cloning VMs instead of manually re-imaging each Mac host. With effortless deployment, infinite scalability and unmatched security, hosted Mac private clouds are the perfect solution for DevOps, Enterprise VDI, or SaaS use cases that require macOS, Xcode, or Safari.

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Cloud Components


Dedicated Mac hardware

Genuine Apple Mac Pro machines transformed into efficient, enterprise-grade servers. Our patented upgrades add redundant A/B power, redundant 10G Ethernet for blazing fast transfers and redundant fibre channel ports to enable use of SAN storage.


Growing? No problem.

With our large inventory, we can expand for you quickly and infinitely. Our Mac hosting experts are available around the clock to discuss and plan for your growth. We’ll assist in the implementation of your plans to scale efficiently.

Mac Pro racks

Storage options for any need

Whether you use an internal SSD or an external flash SAN, your cloud will be responsive. With our all-flash SAN, we can scale infinitely as your needs grow.


NetApp SAN

Economical, mixed-drive NetApp SAN provides reliable network storage for large amounts of archive data. If you have a need for a hybrid-SAN arrangement, we’re ready to build that as well.


Pure Storage SAN

All-flash, high-performance Pure Storage SAN arrays are the perfect solution for private clouds. Pure SAN is highly redundant, encrypts all data at rest, scales up easily, and enables advanced  features such as Linked Clones and Dynamic Resource Scheduling (DRS) so you can get the most out of your cloud.

Pure Storage

Cisco Firewalls

Every cloud deploys with dedicated Cisco firewalls that allow you to setup VPN tunnels to public clouds and internal environments. Setup white listing and monitor traffic to ensure the security of your cloud.


Static IP addresses

Your cloud is always available with dedicated IPv4 address space. All clouds  include a /28 IP subnet block by default, giving you 16 static, public IP addresses to use as you see fit. You can add more IPs or set up your own DHCP server.

Direct Connect

Direct Connects

We can optionally create direct fiber connections to AWS allowing you to increase speed, reliability and security of your transfers as well as reducing bandwidth costs in and out of your public cloud.


Powered by VMware

VMware provides everything needed to deliver an enterprise-class private cloud with centralized management, API automation, and advanced networking capabilities.  Our licensing bundles include flat rate, unlimited use of vSphere Enterprise (ESXi) 6.x, a dedicated vCenter appliance, and more.

Virtual Machine

Virtual machines on demand

vSphere's REST API allows you to automate building, managing and tearing down VMs on demand. From vCenter, you can examine and administer your VMs, compute, and storage, giving you full control and visibility into your environment.

VMware screen

Install any OS

We provide access to install images for over a dozen common OSs in a dedicated data store for easy VM image creation

Virtualize OS

Virtualize any OS

Because our clouds run on genuine Mac  hardware, you can virtualize any OS including macOS, Linux, or Windows.


Base OS

Every host in the cloud is pre-loaded with VMware's ESXi as a base operating system. This hypervisor provides a thin OS that allows direct communication with the underlying hardware.

Cloud Capabilities

ISO 27001

ISO 27001/2

MacStadium's private clouds are certified ISO 27001/2, which is the highest certification available for IaaS providers. This is the same level certification as AWS or Azure.


SSAE 16 Soc I and II

MacStadium’s US data centers maintain SOC 1 Type 1 & 2 and SOC 2 Type 1 & 2 compliance, which have stricter requirements than ISO with respect to physical and data center-level cyber security.


Security practices

All of our Tier III and Tier IV data centers include robust physical access control and are continuously monitored to ensure cloud security at all times.


Additional security features

We can add more security features on request including isolated racks, VM ecryption via HyTrust, direct connects, E/W firewalls via VMware NSX and more.


Unlimited transfer

No data usage costs; in or out. Network traffic is not throttled or groomed in any way. Connectivity includes a very fast 1Gbps to the internet and 10Gbps on the internal network. Use as much as you need without affecting your monthly flat rate billing.


24/7 remote support

We provide 24x7 support with free remote hands in all of our data centers. Rather than an internal data center team with limited Mac experience, your company can rely on advice from our experienced Tier 3 Cloud Engineering team.


Strategy and expert advice

Our Mac hosting experts are available to discuss and plan for your growth. We’ll assist in the implementation of your plans to scale efficiently and effortlessly.


Direct Connect with AWS

Save costs on your data transfer expenses through our private connection to AWS. We’ve established a direct network connection between MacStadium’s Atlanta data center and the AWS US East Region and made it available to our customers as a premium option. With Direct Connect, you may be able to decrease your data transfer cost with Amazon by up to 80%.


Monitor everything that happens

Monitor your cloud with LogicMonitor. Track every host, watch performance numbers, set custom alerts, monitor every packet and keep an eye on every bit.

LogicMonitor screen
Control panel

Control panel

Control billing, manage users, and share documents securely in MacStadium's admin dashboard. Get in touch with engineering and support teams 24/7 via secure ticket.

Mac Pro

Dedicated hardware

We provision dedicated hardware for use only in your cloud. This means you get full, root-access control to every aspect of your cloud to configure and secure as needed.

Global Footprint

Global footprint

With 5 data centers around the world and new data centers coming on line all the time, we have the footprint to support global growth and redundancy wherever you need it.


Reliable Uptime

Tier III and IV data centers with redundant network, power, monitoring help us deliver 99.999% uptime and proactive management. Provision a private cloud at multiple our locations for geographic redundancy.

Data Center Map

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