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Whether you’re developing apps in a Silicon Valley unicorn, building the next communication platform, or need to provide macOS VPS solutions to hundreds of employees, we’ve got solutions that fit your needs and a bunch of great customers already taking advantage of the platform.

What does it take to succeed at MacStadium? Not much. Our managed Mac infrastructure is designed to be the right tool for you to do the right job consistently. Our engineering team is knowledgeable in the capabilities of both the Apple hardware and the enterprise-class environment we provide it in. Continue scrolling to learn how several customers succeeded (and continue to grow) at MacStadium.

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Shopify Mobile Succeeds with a Dynamic Mobile CI System

Shopify is a key player in the Ecommerce business with hundreds of thousands of customer stores and over 10 years of experience in online shopping. Their mobile developers enable over 130,000 merchants to create online selling platforms and be successful strictly from smartphones. Shopify built a dynamic mobile CI solution powered by a hosted Mac private cloud solution to achieve that success.

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See How Rabbit Made the World a Little Smaller

More people than ever are taking advantage of the internet to get in touch with and share moments with friends, family, and colleagues. Rabbit has created one of the most innovative products in the communication segment with their social sync-viewing platform. Rabbit’s team of engineers developed a fantastic solution by taking advantage of our Infrastructure-as-a-Service solutions on Mac and HPE Bladesystem Server hardware. Learn how Rabbit partnered with MacStadium to launch a unique cloud solution for rapid scaling.

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Travis CI Runs Tests & Deploys Apps So You Can Focus on Coding

Continuous integration is at the forefront of the agile software development movement. Travis CI is one of the best examples of a company succeeding in the continuous integration space with a variety of free and paid, open and closed source platforms for users of all sizes. MacStadium worked with Travis CI this past spring to launch a scalable hosted private cloud for their OS X and iOS build jobs on dedicated Mac hardware. Learn how Travis CI halved boot times for iOS and OS X builds.

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Litmus Makes Email Look Good

Do you hate broken email as much as we do? Our customer Litmus provides one of the most comprehensive and easy-to-use email testing services available. We’ve really enjoyed working with Litmus over the past four years (they’re one of our first customers) as they’ve evolved and grown to be a leading voice in the email testing and marketing segment. They take advantage of dedicated Mac minis running all sorts of operating systems to provide the best testing experience for their customers. Learn how Litmus improved testing with hundreds of Mac minis.

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As the DevOps Director at Bonobos, having a Mac thats always on and reachable from anywhere with a true gigabit network connection is important to me, and out of all the other services ive tried like this one, none had the performance and reliability that you guys have shown me over the last couple months.

Jared (New York , NY)

I must admit, I didn't expect things to go this smoothly, or work this well. I expected more contention for bandwidth, more issues, less responsive support. What I got was a colocation service and support experience just as good as the best I've ever had, at literally one twentieth the price point for a single server.

Adam (San Francisco, CA)

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