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More than just a Mac and an ethernet port

Dedicated Mac Hardware

Genuine Apple Mac machines repurposed as efficient, high-performing managed servers. No noisy or dangerous neighbors to worry about.

24-hour Free Trial

Every new account includes a one-time 24-hour free trial on a dedicated Mac mini rental in any location.

Static IP Addresses

Your hosted Mac is always online and available with a dedicated IPv4 address. All private cloud environments include a /28 IP subnet block by default; network configuration is flexible before deployment.

Unlimited Transfer

No data usage costs; in or out. Network traffic is not throttled or groomed in any way. Expect full download/upload speeds at the network port.

Strategy & Expert Advice

Our Mac hosting experts are available around the clock to discuss and plan for your growth. We’ll assist in the implementation of your plans to scale efficiently and effortlessly.


Rapid scaling & deployment available from the start. All of the imaging logistics are taken care of; just provide us with a master source image or Mac to deploy new instances from.

Control Panel

Quickly manage a fleet of Mac servers with one centralized control panel. Remote power management and network performance graphs are included for colocated and dedicated servers.

12+ Preinstalled Operating Systems

Apple’s latest macOS is here. Over a dozen of the most popular operating systems and hypervisors available for installation at signup or via support ticket. View a list of supported operating systems.

Virtualize any OS

VMware on a dedicated Mac is the only way to truly virtualize macOS/OS X, Windows, and Linux on the same hardware. Hosted Mac Private Cloud clusters deployed with VMware vSphere 6 include enterprise-class features, VMware vCenter for efficient resource management, and the vSphere API for automating virtualization on Mac.

Apple macOS Available Instantly

Rent a dedicated Mac mini or Mac Pro running macOS Sierra with Instant Activation and get access immediately – part of our combined infrastructure and software technology.

GPU Acceleration

Every subscription includes a HDMI-attached hardware dongle simulating a connected monitor to enable GPU acceleration in macOS/OS X and allow for a 1080p resolution virtual desktop.

24/7 Remote Support

Data center technicians are standing by for subscription troubleshooting, changes, or upgrades/downgrades. Our recently-launched data centers in Dublin and Las Vegas may experience delays in some aspects of hands-on support.

Global Availability

Three data centers around the world. US East and US West in Atlanta, GA and Las Vegas, NV, respectively. Plus, a European data center in Dublin, Ireland to support customers in EMEA.

Premium Additions

High-Performance SAN

MacStadium offers two forms of SAN for customers in need of redundant network storage solutions. SAN solutions are connected via dual fibre channel connections in 1TB increments.

All-flash, high-performance Pure Storage SAN is the perfect solution for large-scale, resource-intensive app build servers or rapid creation and destruction of ephemeral virtual machines. Ask a sales engineer about dedicated all-flash SAN solutions in any of our data centers.

Economical, mixed-drive NetApp SAN provides reliable network storage for large amounts of data.

If you have a need for both in a hybrid-SAN arrangement, we’re ready to build that as well.

Firewalls & Network Security

Hardware firewalls are a first priority when creating a secure environment for your organization to access dedicated remote Mac servers.

Whether it’s taking advantage of MacStadium’s shared, managed firewall or renting a dedicated, self-managed firewall solution, your servers and network connections will be protected at all entry/exit points to the MacStadium network.

MacStadium deploys Cisco ASA hardware firewall solutions and can assist with the configuration of typical VPN configurations. We can also work with you to develop custom network solutions.

All private cloud environments include a hardware firewall solution.

High-Speed Internet & Upgrades

Standard internet for dedicated and colocated Mac mini servers is a 100 Megabit port. For a small monthly fee, customers using a hosted Mac mini can take advantage of 10x faster internet with a 1 Gigabit port.

Included with all Mac Pro and Private Cloud subscriptions, Gigabit ethernet and no bandwidth restrictions makes for a winning combination for customers with large ingress/egress needs.

All Major Operating Systems Supported

Install macOS/OS X, Linux, or Windows operating systems on a dedicated Mac in a MacStadium data center. Dedicated Apple Mac mini and Mac Pro servers with new versions of macOS/OS X are available instantly.

Or, rent a dedicated Mac Pro with 12 cores and 64 GB of RAM for a high-performance remote Mac running VMware ESXi to create multiple virtual machines running any OS.

Send in your own Mac to any of our three data centers and run whatever OS you wish; we’ll keep the hardware online and operational.

Local File Storage for Backup & Expansion

Local file storage comes in two flavors; external bus-powered storage and local network-attached storage.

External Bus-Powered Storage

Rent a 2.5″ USB 3.0 storage device or colocate your own bus-powered storage device to expand your storage capacity or provide capacity for backup archives. Colocated bus-powered devices can be USB or Thunderbolt-powered. Both are available to quickly grow your available storage for dedicated and colocated Mac servers.

External Network Storage

Add a dedicated NAS, either rented or colocated, to a subscription to provide local network storage to one or many subscriptions enabling vastly more storage capabilities or secondary storage for backup and high availability of data.

AWS Direct Connect

Direct Connect with AWS

Save costs on your data transfer expenses through our private connection to AWS.

Rather than each customer needing to line up the connection themselves and absorb the full pricing with Amazon, we’ve established a direct network connection between MacStadium’s Atlanta data center and the AWS US East (N. Virginia) Region and made it available to our customers as a premium option.

With Direct Connect, you may be able to decrease your data transfer cost with Amazon by up to 80%.

Continue reading about our AWS Direct Connect at MacStadum.

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