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Start with the infrastructure we provide and develop your product on top. MacStadium’s Infrastructure-as-a-Service model means you have the flexibility to build something unique and expand or shift quickly as your audience changes. Genuine Apple Mac servers and enterprise-class networking technology means your software is well cared for.

Our solutions are built on top of world-class data center and hosting infrastructure. Everything we deploy is backed by a team of engineers who specialize in implementing and managing these solutions to ensure your long-term success.

We love designing unique solutions to your problems based on existing data. We’re also open to creating new solutions to problems you may have but there isn’t an answer for yet. If you need our Mac infrastructure, we’ll work with you to create the best solution available.

Developing apps for iOS is as easy as connecting to your server at MacStadium from your iPad Pro.

Problems Solved At MacStadium
“I’m in the software business, and I need dedicated, managed Mac hardware for my app.”
  • Gain free expertise and strategy from MacStadium engineering.
  • Leverage a 100% uptime environment via Apple, HP, Cisco, Pure Storage, Netapp infrastructure.
  • Scale your infrastructure solutions up or down on-demand.
“I am a SaaS / PaaS provider and require 100% uptime infrastructure solutions I can trust.”
  • Image, configure, and deploy hundreds of dedicated servers on-demand.
  • Deploy unlimited VMs of any OS in VMware vCenter-managed private cloud environments.
  • Integrate MacStadium engineering and support staff into your team.
“My team needs dedicated iOS build infrastructure quickly and can’t afford to purchase hardware.”
  • Develop and test apps on genuine Apple hardware supported by enterprise-class networking infrastructure.
  • Scale up quickly with individual bare metal servers or in a private cloud virtualizing macOS and avoid capex.
  • Work with an experienced team of network engineers to create a secure environment for remotely accessing and storing sensitive company data on remote servers.
“We started out utilizing shared VPS on Amazon, but now we require a dedicated solution.”
  • Reduce costs per instance while drastically increasing performance.
  • Only pay for infrastructure you use when you use it.
  • Mix private cloud and dedicated servers into a single, hybrid environment.
“My DevOps environment is disorganized and lacks macOS capabilities.”
  • Centralize and consolidate your macOS, Windows, and Linux platforms.
  • Solve availability and scalability concerns for your servers, storage, and network.
  • Strengthen data protection and manage compliance requirements.
“I need powerful infrastructure that can grow as quickly as my startup.”
  • Gain predictable performance, rapid scalability, and control over your future.
  • Manage costs with on-demand pricing which can scale up or down as your customers evolve.
  • Reduce capital expenditure by avoiding infrastructure purchases.
“I want to develop, test, deploy, and scale our apps faster – on one consolidated platform.”
  • Build, launch and scale apps quickly and easily for iOS, Android, and Windows.
  • Flat-rate pricing will reduce operations and maintenance costs.
  • Exceptional performance, flexibility, and scalability for developers on any continent.
“Our private-labeled macOS VPS business is really growing, and we require an off-site disaster recovery solution.”
  • Avoid costly downtime and catastrophic data loss with site-to-site replication.
  • Decentralize server and storage infrastructure across multiple geographically-diverse sites.
  • Unify your IT requirements and implement a long-term sustainability strategy.
“I’m an IT integrator and I need the best Mac hosting provider for my clients.”
  • Solve your macOS, Windows, and Linux hosting requirements.
  • Operate your own private cloud platform and consolidate client VPS solutions.
  • Leverage MacStadium engineering know-how to strengthen your client relationships.

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Developers, enterprise organizations, and SaaS services all use MacStadium for iOS app testing.
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